The Elephants in The Spirit Room

I’ve decided to initiate a series of discussions about magic on its most mundane level.

Rather than instructions on how to work a specific praxis, these dialogues will be about ordinary subjects that can have huge impact on personal practice. They will relate to the people that work with the spirits, rather than relating to the spirits directly.

I’ll be looking at subjects such as drug and alcohol use within practice; politics and fascism; group dynamics and misogyny. Elephants in the room that can have monumental effect on our work, but are largely left unspoken about.

In many ways these potentially problematic issues, can create an initiation of sorts. Surmounting difficulties with your beliefs and convictions still in place is a test of both faith and self. Challenged, processed, worked through and survived, they make the person stronger on all levels.

I’ve always believed that the realms of Gods and Spirits makes more sense than the human world, which in many ways is trickier to navigate.

I decided that rather than articles I would present a series of discussions and interviews with experienced practitioners that I respect, but don’t necessarily agree with. This is because discussion allows more space for evolution and progression of the subject matter than essays or articles, which tend to be more static.

These practitioners will come from varying backgrounds and traditions, and the aim is not to just present a single perspective, but instead give a variety of opinions.

Charlotte Rodgers