Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

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Mixed media with glass beads, mummified toad, bones, rudra beads and crinoids. 'Family Dynamics' is about the cycle of relationships and karma. The crinoids represent the ancestors, key to who we were, who we are and who we have potential to be, underneath behaviours and patterns of relating.

The rudra seeds from  an antique string of mala/prayer beads, represent captured prayers, chants and desires that hold potential for change.

The dancing daemon at the top is the guiding spirit of play and truth that reminds us of the joy of union.

The surrounding beads glisten and shimmer, showing the illusion of all issues around us.

This piece is about love at core. Love as potential for all growth and as part of a cycle for change that if we choose to discard the superficial and dynamics of difficult behaviour, becomes transformative. 

Photographed by Gerard Hutton